2012 NW Garden Show

Description:  Furry Festuca, Muscari rivulets, and rock and roll in a garden!
Author: Tom Barrett
Thursday, February 02, 2012

Everyone has had enough of convergence zones resulting in snow. How about a convergence zone that results in wonder and amazement! We, working for Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP), are doing a show at the NW Garden show. We will be showing off the synthesis and convergence of winter plants, rain gardens, rocks, and metal in a mind-blowing way.

Rain is a part of our weather and our garden will show how much you can really enjoy rain in a garden and the environmental effects. Our environment is something we want to look after and this garden will show you how rain gardens work, how water is filtered, channeled and contained while allowing hardscapes to be larger. We feel the result is magical and green!

Please come visit us at the show and find out what furry festuca is.

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