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Seattle living, with its hilly terrain and diverse living spaces, offers a unique opportunity for creative landscaping. Seattle is a collection of several different communities -- each with a personality and character all its own.

We think of Seattle as a landscape designer's artistic studio. The communities of Seattle provide a diverse canvass on which to create unique landscape design with interesting textures, colors, and features. The construction of homes in Seattle are as diverse as its people so our landscape designs are unique as well.

As a landscape contractor for all of the Seattle area, we have been designing landscapes for homeowners throughout Seattle for over 20 years. Our focus has always been on quality construction that is ecologically sound, but our special talent is creativity.

Listed below is a selection of Seattle landscapes designed and built by Environmental Construction in the areas of Magnolia, Green Lake, Queen Anne, and Madrona. Each design has its own unique style.

View these Seattle Landscape Designs:

  • Magnolia

    As awe-inspiring as this area is, the landscapes of Magnolia are not immune to water damage. Environmental Construction was able to repair the damage caused by excess water at this lovely Magnolia home and transform their outdoor space to one the homeowner could use and enjoy.
  • Green Lake

    Creative garden design makes entertaining that much more fun for this Seattle homeowner in the Green Lake area.
  • Queen Anne

    What a difference a little landscaping can make on the curb appeal of a home. We were able to help increase the value of this home in Queen Anne with front-entry landscape design.
  • Madrona

    View landscape designs and custom features for homes in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle.

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