Mercer Island Landscape Design


Mercer Island landscape design features are some of the finest. The area has a history of quality and elegance. It was first settled in 1889 as an upscale community, and initially given the name "East Seattle". The early settlers had a vision for this community that it remain pristine and non-commercialized.

That vision is still alive as the area of Mercer Island is primarily well-maintained, single-family homes. Mercer Island residents take pride in their yards and desire quality landscaping -- clean landscape designs, sturdy construction, and attention to detail. Our full-service garden stewardship program has been a welcomed service for homeowners on Mercer Island.

Amidst the fine Mercer Island landscape looms an inevitable truth. Mercer Island is still an island and, as with many areas around Seattle, the landscape is challenged with steep slopes and erosion. Shown below is a landscape design by Environmental Construction addressing the problem of slope stabilization while maintaining quality landscape design.

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