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Landscaping blueprints by Environmental Construction, Kirkland WA

Running a successful landscaping business takes more than just a keen eye to quality landscape design and knowledge of gardening. In the landscaping business, there are drawings to create, contracts to write, and the physical demands of working with heavy materials. Small business consulting gives us a chance to "learn from and mentor" with young designers. The staff of Environmental Construction can provide several resources and years of experience, including:

Experience That Matters

We share items like design analysis, shared CAD capabilities, office estimating (where we take those portions of a designers job where they may be lacking - without usurping their clients) and contract writing.

Precision equipment used by Environmental Construction, Kirkland WA

Construction Assistance and Construction Management

We are fortunate to have a team of excellent landscapers and skilled labor. Just glance through our website and see the marvels they have created.

Landscaping & Construction Equipment

View our blog "Commercial landscape equipment used by our company and the Landscape Installation in Mercer Island page to see a few of the pieces of machinery we use every day.

If you are a designer or owner of a landscaping company who needs any or all of these services, contact Environmental Construction. We look forward to working with you.

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