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An initial landscaping consultation is the first step in developing a new landscape or providing help for your particular landscaping problem.

What do you need to get started?

The first step in any landscape design, construction, or garden maintenance project is to contact us by phone send us an email, or use our Request a Consultation page to let us know your need. We want to discuss the landscape process with you and share more information about our company.

If you are thinking about developing a landscape design with various garden structures, you may want to make a sketch, cut out pictures from a magazine, and thoughtfully construct the space by asking yourself, "What is the purpose of the landscape design?" This will help us better understand your needs and provide a starting place for the landscape consultation.

The Landscape Consultation Process

During the initial on-site landscape consultation (also known as the "dreaming stage"), we assess the landscape challenges to see how we can help. We will walk with you through your property, listen to your ideas, and make suggestions. We listen carefully to determine how you want your landscape to look and feel. Then, we take measurements and photographs.

We will discuss both the short and long-term plans for your property, such as how you will want it to look in 5 years. This way, we can begin thinking about your project in phases that can be implemented season by season or year after year. When developing a new landscape, we take a holistic approach. This will help provide order to your ideas, while challenging and expanding upon new and unique possibilities.

Environmental Construction charges a flat fee of $125.00 for this initial on-site consultation. This is a one time per home non-refundable charge for the consultation. We believe whether a client hires us or not, the information exchange will easily carry that value.

The Bidding Process

At the end of your consultation, we will discuss the next step. This can include a design contract, allowance letter, or bid proposal. The follow-up plan depends on feedback from our initial consultation. The landscaping bid will be sent via email or postal mail and the charge for this cost estimate is included in your consultation fee.

Landscape Masterplan

Once the landscape consultation and bidding process are complete, the next step for most landscaping projects requires a landscape design (or landscape masterplan.)

Our job is to fix your landscape problem and offer solutions based on our years of expertise. We have a team of qualified personnel ready to help with your landscaping needs. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does the consultation meeting last?

Since you are paying for this appointment, we like to stay as long as necessary (up to two hours) in order to assure we have the time to completely address your desires, especially as they relate to existing site conditions.

  • Does Environmental Construction schedule consultations after hours?

Changes to your home garden are important to all interested parties. Therefore, we prefer to have all interested parties involved. This usually makes it necessary to schedule appointments during work hours.

  • Will there be photos of landscaping ideas available at the consultation?

Our Landscaping Ideas page has several photos of projects we have completed. These can be used to help provide additional ideas.

  • Is a down-payment collected at the consultation meeting?

Payment for the consultation can be made at our first meeting or we can bill for the initial consultation.

  • At what point can a client no longer change their mind and stop the project?

Environmental Construction will typically provide an allowance letter that outlines potential development costs as a means of helping balance your aesthetic concerns with fiscal realities. This process allows you, as a home owner, ample time to change your mind about work scope and price before committing to a contract. We offer both "fixed price" and "time and materials" contracts.

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