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Using elements typical of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, we will create a garden landscape design that will delight your senses.

Preparing a Landscape Masterplan

The first step in developing a unique landscape design is to prepare a landscape masterplan. A beautiful landscape design or garden begins with your dreams. We will meet with you and help develop your landscaping ideas by engaging you, listening to your ideas, and collaborating with you.

Our design philosophy is that the final scaled landscape plan you receive should convey your landscape ideas in a "road map" that will be used to transform your house and yard into a lovely home. We take the time to explain the landscape blueprint design and adjust the landscape gardens, patios, decks, water features, and other elements to match your desire.

Landscape Design by Environmental Construction in Seattle, WA

The landscape garden design process is extremely important -- this is not a step we can bypass.

Your landscaping budget is best spent on the landscape installation. Therefore, we utilize Vectorworks and Dynascape™ landscape design software from Garden Graphics, Inc. This software allows us to deliver a easily understandable designs that can be quickly modified, if desired.

Special note: For those clients working with a building architect, landscaping architect, remodeling contractor, or new construction contractor we have the ability to import and export computer aided drafting (CAD) files using Vectorworks or Garden Graphics landscape design software. Plan views, elevation views, hand sketches, and artist's renderings are all available to help convey and confirm ideas.

Garden Landscape Design Ideas

During this design period, we ensure communication of details and clarify expectations. We will offer suggestions from an artistic point of view, but ultimately you will determine the look and feel of your landscape design. We have a multitude of landscaping options, such as:

Check out our Landscaping Ideas page for help with your garden landscape design.

Landscaping Estimate

Once our landscaping blueprints meet your expectations, we will submit our bid prices to implement the design and work on packaging and phasing options. We take the time to make sure you clearly understand the scope of the project.

You will not be charged for our time to prepare the landscape estimate if you hire us to do your landscape project. There is a fee if you are asking for cost comparisons as part of the planning process. We make sure our estimates are fair and that we prepare a design that will stay within your budget.

Are you looking for an inexpensive Seattle landscape design? Not all garden and landscape construction projects require a design. Some design elements may only require a project sketch. If the landscape design blueprint is not needed, we will not prepare one.

Landscape sketch drawn by Environmental Construction Inc.

Let the landscaping project begin...

After you have accepted our bid, work on your landscaping project will begin with excavation or soil preparation.

If you have any questions about our garden masterplan process, call our office in Kirkland, WA (ph. 425-803-9881) or send an email to [email protected] and we will respond within 48 hours.

Landscape Design in the Seattle Area

We are fortunate to live in Northwest Washington. Landscape design in Seattle and surrounding areas is enhanced by the natural beauty of this region. The greenery that exists around us is a perfect backdrop for an exquisite landscape design or home garden.

We are a quality landscaper designer for Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, and Puget Sound. From design through installation, we have licensed and certified staff personnel who are trained to respond to the particular needs of your project.

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