Deck Design & Installation

  • Custom deck and metal railing designed by Seattle landscaper, Environmental Construction
  • Cedar deck with built-in seating by landscaper Environmental Construction
  • Second level deck/balcony built by landscape company, Environmental Construction
  • Composite wood deck designed by Kirkland Landscape Company, Environmental Construction

Deck installation increases space for outdoor entertaining. Walk out the door and onto a pleasant surface, free of mud and standing water

Custom-built Deck Designs

Our deck construction is designed based on specific need, space, maintenance requirement, and individual's budget. All of our deck designs are custom-built on site using Natural Select™, environmentally-friendly treated wood in the structural (framing) portion of our decks. Decks can make use of difficult or uneven terrain and range from simple ground level boardwalks to multi-level entertainment spaces with inset lighting, plantings and even water features.

By-level Deck Design

The multi levels deck designs allows large space to be defined into smaller spaces to meet the multiple needs of a family. Sometimes creating an elevated or lower section within a deck allow us to create a more private area.

Built-in Seating

Built-in seating and flower boxes are a very popular feature. By incorporating built in benches around the perimeter of the deck, the seating space is maximized and yet allows room for table and chairs.

Designed to Include a Railing

While a railing is often required by code, we have a lot of freedom to create a look that blends with your home and deck design. Whether using a type of wood, composite, or metal, railings can be both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Most important, they should never obstruct a view.

Wood Deck Materials

The use of cedar for decking is the most economical choice for homeowners. Its natural resistance to weather and insects allows the cedar to grey naturally without having to stain or seal the wood. However, you can still stain and seal the wood for longevity and to capture the beauty of the wood grain.

Sustainable hard or soft woods like Ipe (Iron Wood), Mahogany, and Western Red Cedar are also used for decking. However, Trex® and other plastic composite decking, or "StoneDeck" (see, are also popular building materials because they require so little maintenance and last longer than wood.

Decking immediately extends your living space to the outdoors, integrating your home into the garden. Whether it is a nice soak in the hot tub or a great dinner grilled out on the barbeque, decks provide much more usable space for living enjoyment.

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