Water Drainage and Flood Prevention


Proper water drainage is one of the single most important component of quality landscape installation.

Flood Damage Landscape Repair

French Drain

Poor water drainage can lead to flooding and ultimately ruin property and landscaping. It is much easier and less costly to improve landscape and repair drainage problems during the initial design and construction phases of a project rather than afterwards.

Water drainage solutions and modifications can be accomplished by using either surface water drainage, or below ground drainage, or both.

Surface Water Drainage

Surface drainage systems pull excess water from hardscapes, planting beds and areas where water tends to collect and provides a path on the surface for the water to move.

Catch Basins collect the above-ground runoff at the edge of landscape features (patios, lawns, driveways, etc.) and carry the water to a collection point via an underground drain pipe that doesn't impact your garden.

Dry Streambeds or shallow swales that can be planted are an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional addition to your landscape. The streambed creates a natural path for the water, containing it and preventing erosion. Dry streambeds and swales require that your site has natural slope.

Retention Ponds are located at the lowest point on the property to collect runoff.

Below Ground Drainage

Sub-surface drains prevent erosion and protect drainage sensitive plant material or lawns.

Sub-surface drainage systems remove water from a saturated yard and carry it through a French Drain (drain rock columns) or a channel structure. The water is then moved into a buried collection pit, drain line, or into an existing drain swale.

In the Seattle area, it is especially important to pay close attention to proper water drainage. We want to protect your landscaping investment. That is why we focus our attention first to the effectiveness of your water drainage system.

If you suspect a water drainage problem in your yard and need a Seattle landscaper who specializes in water drainage systems and erosion control techniques, contact Environmental Construction.

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