Erosion Control and Slope Restoration


If you own property on a hillside, you may have special landscaping needs. Landscaping for erosion control and slope stability is common in the Seattle area.

Landscaping a Steep Hillside

Erosion Control and Slope Stabilization

Slope restoration provides a stability for hills prone to erosion and landslides through a combination of steep hill landscaping, deep-rooting plants, a strategically placed water drainage systems, hillside terraces, and specially designed retaining walls.

For more information about hillside landscaping services offered by Environmental Construction Inc., view our Water Drainage and Retaining Walls webpages.

When stabilizing a hillside, we often use heavy granite rock and plants with a root system that will hold the ground in place and grows will in our wet climate.

If you have made changes to your yard during the summer months which has affected water run-off or have been experiencing erosion control problems over a period of time, you may need a complete slope restoration.

Choosing a Landscaper for Erosion Control Issues and Slope Restoration

It is important to choose a landscaper who is knowledgeable in hillside repair and effective slope restoration. Erosion control, mud slides, and flooding are a serious matter. We are a Seattle landscaper experienced in hillside landscaping and slope stability. Environmental Construction consults with soils engineering firms to create stable and insurable hillsides.

Typical Slope Restoration Disclaimer:
Hillsides in this area are subject to unknown forces. Landslides have repeatedly occurred in the Puget Sound region and, by definition, these events occur in unstable areas. Environmental Construction, Inc. therefore disclaims any and all liability, whether for consequential damage or otherwise, that may occur during or after completion of this project as a result of our hillside work. ECI's concern when entering into a hillside restoration project is that we create a long-term stable situation on your hillside. Toward that end we strongly suggest that you employ a soils engineer to make recommendations and set standards for your project. ECI only warranties that our workmanship will follow the recommendations made by your soils engineer.

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