Landscaping Steps

  • Brick landscape steps
  • Metal landscape steps
  • Stone landscaping steps
  • Wood landscaping steps by Environmental Construction

Landscaping steps provide access between elevations and bring together spaces within a landscape. Environment Construction builds a variety of landscape stair systems.

Natural Stone Risers

Natural Stone risers are typically built to provide access to doorways or up short slopes. Used in conjunction with rock outcroppings, stone risers can transform the look and feel of your garden to a wilderness retreat.

Timber Landscape Steps

Wood landscaping steps are designed for and typically built on and across long slopes. They often have a dual functionality. On the surface they provide a clear and safe access on a hillside. Below the surface the timbers act as hillside support and provide slope retention.

Block and Brick Landscape Steps

Block steps are typically integrated into block retaining walls. Like the Natural Stone, Block steps are typically built to provide access to doorways or up short slopes. There are many varieties and styles of block to fit your taste and budget.

Open Risers

Open Risers are the lightest option of all the stair systems. They are typically built to provide access between deck structures. In an area designated as an environmentally critical slope, open risers allow foot traffic across sensitive areas with the least amount of environmental impact.

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