• Landscape steps and rock water feature by Environmental Construction
  • Hardscape design with firepit and patio
  • Landscaping with stone
  • Rock wall designed by Environmental Construction

Landscaping design requires balance -- a mix between the gentle floral patterns, rugged rock walls, decorative cement patios, and lighted walkways.

Hardscape Materials

ECI Landscaping uses a variety of hardscape materials -- rock, brick, pavers, and stone variations are the foundation of a landscape design. The use of this natural element provides versatility and stability for a garden. For example, decorative rock provides an excellent foundation for sedums and plants requiring less dirt.

Enjoy an interesting rock garden or enhance the appearance of your home with a natural rock wall. We use hardscapes when building rain gardens, waterfalls and retaining walls.

Landscape Steps

Using landscape rock for landscaping steps is ideal because of their natural beauty, stability, and limited maintenance. Take a leisurely walk through your garden. View your home and enjoy your garden landscape from different angles. Landscaping steps allow for movement between levels of your garden.

There are several types of landscape steps to choose.

Rock Walls

A rock wall creates an elegant division or border for property and garden areas. You can rely on Environmental Construction to design and build a garden landscape that incorporates the beauty of rock, stone, and block walls.

Patios and Walkways

There are a variety of hardscapes suitable for patios and walkways. We will work with you to find the best suitable product. Slate and concrete pavers can be used to design beautiful patios and walkways.

View our Patios / Walkways page.

Which hardscape material should you use?

With all the many uses, it's nearly impossible for clients to be expected to decide on their own what products to use. We can offer suggestions as to which hardscape products will work best for a given area.

Once you have chosen the ideal hardscape design and materials, we will advise as to the best maintenance practice which will keep your stone or brick surface looking beautiful. We will give advice as to which cleaning products are safe for the hardscape material and surrounding plants.

We strive to purchase the highest quality landscaping materials at the lowest possible price...then pass that savings on to you.

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