Garden Design

  • Maintenance-free garden design by Environmental Construction, Kirkland WA
  • Cottage garden by Kirkland Landscape Company, Environmental Construction
  • Herb and flower garden designed by Environmental Construction, Kirkland WA
  • Rose garden design by Kirkland Landscape Company, Environmental Construction

The feeling of being home should start before you walk through the door.

Garden Planning and Design

A good painter knows that the construction of a painting depends on the colors on the palette and the composition of the canvas. The construction of your garden depends on the function and structure of the landscape.

Environmental Construction Inc. designs all types of gardens. We want you to get the most out of your garden by choosing the plantings that meet your wants and needs. Our planting plans create outdoor living spaces through the use of foliage, color texture, and fragrance.

Creative Garden Designs:

Low Maintenance Gardens
Hands-on Gardens
Edible Gardens
Vegetable Gardens
Herb Gardens
Fragrant Gardens
Fire-retardant Plantings
Drought-tolerant Gardens
Rock Gardens
English Gardens
Mediterranean Gardens
Poolside Gardens
Sun Gardens
Shade Gardens
Xeriscape Gardens

Ask us for more information about any of these garden designs. Our trained horticulturist can assist with all your gardening questions.

We make sure the height of a shrub or tree will not outgrow its location and the plant will thrive with the sun and rain it will receive. The end result is a garden that extends your home from the walls of your house to the edge of your property.

When planning a garden design, consider...

What is the purpose of the garden and how will it be used?
Do you want seasonal color or year-round color?
Does the garden need to serve as a noise buffers, privacy screen, or wind break?

Enhance your garden with an automatic sprinkler system and outdoor lighting.

Eco-friendly Garden Design

Environmental factors can create opportunities to develop a distinctive, eco-friendly garden. Environmental Construction Inc. has developed exceptional gardens for our clients whose landscapes have presented environmental challenges. We can offer advice for native plantings, pest-deterrent plantings, urban wildlife habitats and other specialty gardens

Garden Stewardship

We offer a full-service Garden Stewardship Program as part of our regular landscape maintenance service. Planning, designing, and planting a garden is only half the fun. It also needs to be maintained and that can be time-consuming. For maximum enjoyment of your garden design, ask about our garden stewardship program.

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