Demolition and Excavation

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  • Landscape excavation equipment use by Environmental Construction, Kirkland WA
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Landscaping often begins with demolition, excavation, clearing land or material movement, including brush, stump or tree removal.

Building Demolition

If you need to remove a deck, fence, or building structure our building demolition service will safely and efficiently handle the job. We only demolish a small to medium-sized buildings. There is normally a wait time while we secure the needed permits.

Concrete & Asphalt Removal

Environmental Construction is equipped for removal of asphalt and concrete products. If a driveway or access to entry is affected, we will complete the work as quickly as possible.

Tree Removal, Shrub & Brush Clearing

Tree, shrub, and brush removal is often necessary before landscape installation. We will aim to transplant healthy trees and shrubs whenever possible, if desired. During our initial landscape consultation, we will discuss what trees and shrubs should be removed or relocated.

Here in the Seattle area we usually experience heavy winds beginning in November. It is important to contact an arborist every few years, before the windy season, to determine if any trees on your property need to be cut down. Once we have determined which trees need to be removed, our landscape company will cut down and haul away the unsafe trees and replant new trees, if desired.

Building demolition and excavation equipment to meet your needs

Do you need a building removed, land excavation, or tree removal? Environmental Construction, experienced landscaper in Seattle, has the trucks, tools, and heavy equipment necessary to get the work done efficiently.

Our small and medium-sized equipment is especially well suited for areas where restricted access limits the ability to move large scale equipment. Many landscape projects in Seattle require navigating steep driveways and hillsides. If you live on a hill or steep sloping area, we are prepared with the right equipment to reach your property.

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