Local Seattle landscaper improves lakefront home


Kirkland lakefront home, located near Lake Washington, now enjoys a beautifully landscaped perimeter and more space for children and adults.

This Lake Washington home is on Juanita Drive in Kirkland, WA. It is an older lakefront home with a large back yard that is adjacent to a community park. The driveway continued past front door down a slope into back yard. There were minimal landscape elements to direct you towards the main entrance. The back yard was almost entirely lawn. The homeowners wanted to separate the front entry and the back yard to create a space where both the adults and kids can entertain and play. The project components include a four-posted entry pergola, a large circular paver patio framed by planting beds, semi-circular patios at the doors, a deck for the hot tub, privacy fencing, drainage and irrigation.

Hillside around home in Bellevue is remodelled by Landscaper in Seattle

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • The entry pergola clearly delineates the front and back yards.
  • Most of the lower driveway was removed leaving only a strip of asphalt that will be used as the pathway from the entry walk.
  • Drainage at the edge of the new hardscape collects and removes the rainwater into the storm drain to prevent the remaining lawn from being soggy.
  • The fence was extended along the property line creating a sense of privacy from the park.
  • A large circular paver patio was installed in the lawn area. Matching semi-circular patios sit in front of the lower level doors. The patios are tied together by Pennsylvania Bluestone walkways
Residential landscaper in Seattle area improves lakefront property in Kirkland

This new lakeside patio is the perfect place to watch the sunset over Lake Washington.

An arbor separates the front and backyard and gives architectural interest to this Kirkland landscape.

Arbor, and quality Fence builder in Seattle area - Madrona
Pergola and wooden privacy fence

The arbor and privacy fence provide a boundary between the home and neighborhood park.

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