Seattle landscape company repairs hillside


This hillside landscape in Seattle is redesigned with additional support, plantings, red brick patio, and decking.

The hillside stabilization project was located on Perkins Lane in Seattle, WA. The homeowners had a water main break on the hill above their home causing thousands of gallons of water to damage and undermine their entry steps, retaining wall, parking strip, driveway, and foundation.

This house was built overlooking Puget Sound. The driveway was seldom used for vehicles. There was little usable outdoor space and no defined lower yard access down the slope. A large maple was damaged during the Nisqually earthquake and was leaning towards the house. The homeowners decided they wanted to recreate the landscape, and our company was able to help.

Steps to upper terrace of backyard landscaping

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • The parking strip was reset to accommodate vehicles.
  • The hillside below the edge of the house was engineered to support the patio and slope above.
  • The driveway was removed and replaced with patios and decking.
  • The timber retaining wall was shored up with rock outcroppings and plantings.
  • Hillside access was created from the street to the new patio area and from the patio area to the lower yard.
  • An irrigation system was installed to hydrate the mostly native plantings.
Hillside landscaping

Red brick patio
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