Seattle Landscaper improves landslide-prone hillside


Paver patio, pergola, retaining wall, and plantings create a secluded garden room for this hillside home in Madrona.

This entry courtyard is in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The homeowner wanted to convert the unused space on an Environmentally Critical slope into a secluded garden room that graces the senses of sight, sound and scent. The project components include a circular paver patio framed by a three-posted pergola, Tenino sandstone steps, a drilled basalt water feature and impact plantings. The home is located in a neighborhood designated as Environmentally Critical and prone to landslides. The new patio location is adjacent the entry walk and below a timber retaining wall.

Hillside landscaping in Madrona

Environmental Construction's Erosion Control Landscaping:

  • Stone, block and timber retaining walls were constructed around the patio provide hillside stability.
  • Three drilled basalt columns installed as a water feature reduce street noise.
  • Drainage at the edge of the patio collects and removes the rain water off of the hillside to mitigate erosion control.
  • Fragrant native shrubs and trees frame the patio to create “soft walls.”
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