Seattle Landscaper creates more space for Bellevue homeowner


Bellevue, WA hillside home now enjoys a beautifully landscaped perimeter and more living space.

A Bellevue family with two teenage kids nearing driving age wanted to maximize their usable space. They decided to have a garage built for the additional cars, shop space for Dad, and loft space above for the kids to hang out away from Mom & Dad. To make space for the new garage and driveway a decaying timber retaining wall needed to be removed. The hillside above their home has commanding views of the downtown Bellevue skyline but limited access. The wall removal and garage excavation allowed machine access to the hillside and opening a window of opportunity to create several useable garden spaces.

Hillside around home in Bellevue is remodelled by Landscaper in Seattle

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • Removed rotting timber retaining walls
  • Excavated the footings for the garage contractor.
  • The driveway was re-aligned and expanded to accommodate additional parking.
  • The hillside was re-graded and stabilized with granite outcroppings allowing natural stone stairs,one-half inch minus crushed gravel pathways, and lush plantings to be knitted in.
  • A terrace was carved into the hillside to create a viewing patio and provide opportunities for prospect and refuge. Smooth igneous boulders provide retention for the slope above and double as informal seating for a raised wood burning fire-pit in the center of the patio.
  • Abbotsford Sandstone™ Hydrapressed slabs were sand set to create a courtyard in the space between the garage and house.
  • Diverse plantings were used to maximize privacy yet be sensitive of the neighbor’s views.
Fire ring at Bellevue home

A fire ring, positioned at the viewing terrace, adds recreational enjoyment.

Seattle, WA landscaper creates walkways and more usable space for Bellevue home.

Outcroppings and hillside plantings reduce erosion and provide for a beautiful walkway.

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