Seattle Landscaper creates eco-friendly Everett home


Green roof in Everett, Washington saves energy and increases garden space.

We are always researching new plants, materials, methods and technologies. Through experimentation we learn how a material performs and can confidently refer it to our clientele.

Residential landscaper in Everett installs green roof

Environmental Construction's Green Landscaping:

  • Added additional framing and waterproofing to the existing studio roof.
  • Installed Amergreen™ roof drainage mats and Netafim® sub-surface irrigation.
  • Created an “intensive” green roof using 6 inches of lightweight soil medium.
  • Planted drought tolerant plants with year round interest including: sedums & sempervivums, grasses, sand strawberries, and herbs.
  • Benefits of green roofs include improved insulation rating, greatly increased roof lifespan, and reduction of roof water runoff.
  • For this installation we made provisions to connect to a future water collection system that will serve the house downspouts and a permeable driveway.
  • Everett landscaper builds durable frame for green roof
  • Landscapers build a durable frame for the green roof.
  • Green roof construction by Everett landscaper
  • We use a large conveyor truck to place the soil on the roof.
  • Quality dirt covers the green roof
  • Landscapers spread organic soil, ideal for plant growth.
  • Plants on green roof
  • Strawberries and groundcovers are planted in the soil to create an energy-efficient and eco-friendly home.
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