Seattle landscape designer improves garden in Green Lake


Green Lake garden remodel allows for more enjoyment.

This Seattle home in the Green Lake area had a garden which was crowded, overgrown, and weedy. The clients wanted to update and maintain the mature garden behind their Tudor style home. The garden was in need of a little "tender loving care" so we created a new garden design and prescribed a bi-annual garden stewardship regimen. Clearing the canvass opened opportunities to create distinct new garden rooms for entertaining, wandering, and relaxing.

Landscape steps at Green Lake home

Environmental Construction Landscape Design:

  • Trimmed existing trees, shrubs and vines to enhance air flow, accentuate their natural form, and promote the overall health and vitality of the plants.
  • Created a planting palette for a cottage garden – emphasizing color, texture, and year round interest.
  • Expanded flagstone paving to include pathways and a larger landing at the top of the bluestone stairs.
  • Constructed a trellis attached to the existing fence to enhance privacy and encourage vertical growth of new and existing vines.
  • Installed low voltage lights to highlight the gardens at night – up lights for specimen trees, pendant lights hang from the wisteria trellis and path lights.

This special garden design included a reading terrace, which is a quiet space at the highest point of garden that offers the best sun exposure. The garden space also includes a lower lawn area which provides overflow space for the bluestone barbeque patio. This space offers great views of a mature wisteria vine.

Green Lake landscaping Trellis

Trellis provides a place for vines and additional shade.

Terrace landscaping in Green Lake

View from lower lawn. Terrace landscaping gives scenic appeal.

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