Front entry is improved with landscape construction


Landscape steps, low-voltage lighting, and custom iron railing enhance the front-entry appearance of this Madrona home.

This new front entry is in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The homeowner wanted a new front entry that not only flowed from the street but was visually tied to the house. The existing front entry of the home lacked "natural flow" and was in poor condition. The concrete retaining wall hidden by shrubs was failing. The access point to the entry located near the highest point of the yard was inconvenient for guests parking on the street. The east side of the front yard was accessible only from the back yard.

Landscaper in Seattle area builds an arbor, trellis, and fence for home in Madrona, WA

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • The entry was removed and replaced with steps that are at a 45 degree angle from the door.
  • The entry steps and wall are faced with the same brick as the house
  • The access from the sidewalk was moved to provide a more direct point of entry.
  • Low voltage lighting illuminates the steps from the sidewalk to the door.
  • A bluestone path accesses the east side of the front yard.
  • An irrigation system waters the new native plantings.
  • A custom iron railing encloses the new entry.
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