Landscaper in Kirkland creates more backyard space


Backyard hillside, patio, and native plantings create a pleasant entertainment area for this Kirkland home.

The homeowners had begun work on this backyard in Kirkland without a clearly defined blueprint for how to finish the development. The backyard was cleared of all growth and covered by tarps to prevent erosion. The amount of outdoor living space was limited to the deck and hot tub. There were no aesthetically pleasing features beyond the deck. The homeowners were looking for additional entertainment space as well as a garden to look out upon all seasons of the year.

Hillside around home in Bellevue is remodelled by Landscaper in Seattle

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • The hillside was shored up with rock outcroppings and plantings.
  • A hard surface from the deck to the hot tub was put in to reduce mud.
  • Native plantings were installed to create year-round interest.
  • A paver patio with bluestone path was constructed for additional entertaining space.
  • A dry stream bed was installed to collect and disperse hillside run-off away from the house.
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