Landscaper in Seattle improves home in Madrona


Arbors, trellises, and fencing create a more inviting entryway for this home in Madrona, WA.

For visitors to this tree lined and shady Madrona home, finding the front door was a challenge. Both visitors and homeowners had to duck beneath two large camellias to access a narrow chain-link gate. Beyond that the front porch was even more understated.

Landscaper in Seattle area builds an arbor, trellis, and fence for home in Madrona, WA

Environmental Construction Landscape Project:

  • We removed the chain-link fencing from the perimeter of the yard. To define boundaries yet create a sense of openness an open layout, a cedar good neighbor fence was built in select areas.
  • To enhance the entry experience, a grand staircase was constructed with sawn bluestone slabs.
  • Centered on the new staircase is a mortared bluestone porch with cedar arbor above to direct visitors' attention to the front door.
  • A rhythm is created through the garden by repeating materials – dimensional bluestone set in an ashlar pattern at the entry walk, while random irregular bluestone flagstone create pathways to other garden rooms.
  • Eyebrow trellises above windows and the garage add architectural interest to the home. They also provide structure for plant vines.
Residential landscaper in Seattle area improves entryway of Madrona home

New entryway arbor and fencing add personality to this Madrona home.

Eyebrow trellises (pictured below) add architectural interest and some shade from the sun.

Arbor, Trellis, Fence builder in Seattle area - Madrona
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