Garden Maintenance


Nothing beats regular garden weeding. Garden maintenance, mulching, and fertilizing by Environmental Construction is key to a beautiful garden.

Garden Weeding

Keeping your garden relatively weed free without the over-use of herbicides, involves a strong sense of timing. Weeding is especially important in the spring before flowers turn to seed. Best garden weeding months are April through August. Eliminating weeds before they flower and turn to seed in the spring will greatly help you manage your garden throughout the rest of the year. We recommend weekly visits in the spring followed by monthly visits in the summer, so that our technicians can stay ahead of your weed growth cycles.

A word about herbicide use: Due to the long term environmental impact, we have significantly reduced our reliance on long lasting pre-emergent herbicides. We urge you to help protect Puget Sound and our streams and lakes by considering joining us in the limited use of herbicides.

When all else fails, and complete weed control is absolutely necessary, we can refer you to a licensed herbicide applicator you can work with. Our garden stewards only use natural methods of weed control.

Spreading Garden Mulch

Planting beds can be mulched with old fashioned screened bark mulch or with screened composted mulch. Both help hold moisture and help eliminate weed seed germination.

We recommend the composted mulch because mulches made of raw wood need to decompose before the nutrients locked in the wood fiber can be absorbed by plants. The process of decomposition takes time and the required micro organism population that causes decomposition will rob essential plant nutrients in the process. Composted mulch not only adds nutrients to your soil immediately, but is a terrific use of recycled yard waste.

Top-dressing your planting beds with screened composted mulch will benefit your planting beds in three ways:

  1. composted mulch helps hold moisture thus minimizing water runoff around each plant.
  2. composted mulch helps control soil erosion, and
  3. top-dressing your planting beds with screened composted mulch can be helpful at controlling weed seed germination.

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