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Description:  Searching for a landscaping company outside your local community may provide a better option.
Author: Tom Barrett
Saturday, August 31, 2019

“OK Google…find landscaping near me.” Sound familiar? This is a typical question many of us ask our home devices or phone apps. These nifty tools are a quick way to get information, but they may not know which company is just right for you. Are you wanting unique, quality landscape design or are you looking for something cheap and quick? Do you need full-service care or just the typical “mow and blow”? What level of service is important to you?

Unfortunately, your Google or Alexa devices can’t tell you everything you need to know. They are not able to pair you with a company that offers specifically what you need because there is no way for these programs to know your unique situation. That is why we decided to use this blog to help clarify our goals at Environmental Construction Inc. We want you to know exactly what our company is all about.

Landscaping near Seattle We have created an extensive website ( that contains over 60 pages on the various services we offer. There are many examples of landscaping projects completed in the Seattle area, as well as a portfolio of images divided into 14 different categories. You will find a plant database full of flowers and plants we use in landscaping. And now we have accumulated over 10 years of monthly blog postings with ideas and advice. That is a lot of helpful information, but we understand it could be a bit overwhelming and you may get lost in the weeds (so to speak.) NO…NOT MORE WEEDS!

For those of you who need to locate a landscaping company and are tempted to request help from your friendly electronic-talking machine, let me tell you this:

  • Environmental Construction Inc. services ALL of Seattle and the surrounding communities. Our service area stretches more than 20 miles in all directions. And don’t worry, there is no extra travel fee for service to the far reaches of our service area.
  • Full landscaping service and unique landscape design is our business and expertise. Our goal is to create structures and landscape designs specific to the individual’s need. We can then maintain the entire outdoor space so our customer can enjoy their home to its fullest. Read more about our landscaping services.
  • When we say Experience Matters…we mean it. We hire excellent craftsman and individuals with extensive knowledge in horticulture and ecology then give them a working environment that makes their job enjoyable. Meet our team. It may sound cheesy, but our team is like family and we work so well together that it shows in the pride of our work.
  • We value our environment. Our company name is Environmental Construction Inc. because the environment is important to us. We encourage the use of eco-friendly applications and construction that helps rather than hurts the environment. We will use chemicals if a customer requires it, but our goal is to provide better alternatives that are usually just as effective.

The small cost for a thorough consultation is the same no matter where you live. If you need help, don’t hesitate to request a consultation, this service alone is a significant value.

“OK Google…call Environmental Construction Inc. in Kirkland, Washington.” Ahh…Now that’s better!

Next time you feel tempted to look only in your local community for a landscape company, remember this: Environmental Construction Inc. may not be on the list of landscaping companies provided to you by Google, Alexa, Siri or Cortana, but we could be that hidden gem you are looking for.

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