Landscape Blog Categories

Animals and Insects
The darting hummingbird or fluttering butterfly adds to the enjoyment of a peaceful garden. Attracting desired animals and controlling pests is the subject of the blogs in this Animals and Insects category
Crossword Puzzles
Test your landscaping and gardening knowledge and maybe learn something new with these fun and challenging crossword puzzles.
Flowers in the landscape
Stop and smell the roses! Here we discuss specific flowers and flowering plants used in the garden. We give advice about how and where to grow certain types of flowers or plants, and how to care for them.
From a Landscape Contractor
As my wife and I take our daily walk, we notice interesting landscapes, think of gardening-related ideas, and experience the natural beauty of the Seattle area. Join us on our garden walk – there is so much to see and talk about.
Garden Design
There are so many types of garden designs. Within this blog category we discuss a wide variety of garden designs often seen in the Seattle area and ones you may want to add to your garden.
Garden Structures
These blogs are about garden structures -- elements within the garden designed to add uniqueness and beauty. They are a platform for the color that surrounds them. A garden structure can take many forms from interesting patios and tile-work to water features and garden sculptures. Some garden structures serve a useful purpose as well, such as garden steps and rock walls.
Green Landscaping
These blogs highlight some interesting and new technologies that are helping to keep our planet green and eco-friendly.
Home and Garden
Beautify your home and garden one blog at a time. Here we share interesting bits of information and gardening ideas for giving your home that extra touch. We hope you will find them useful.
Landscape Construction
Increase the usability of your outdoor spaces with a variety of landscape features from outdoor kitchen design to fencing and deck construction. These blogs are related to building structures within the landscape.
Landscape Design
These blogs are all about creating unique landscape designs -- a perfect beginning to improving your outdoor living spaces. Sit back...relax and enjoy our collection of landscape design blogs. Then contact us with questions or to request a consultation. Environmental Construction wants to help you design a landscape that you will cherish for years.
Landscape Ecology
We want to protect the beauty of the area in which we live. These blogs related to conservation, erosion control and sustainability are written with landscape ecology in mind.
Landscape Maintenance
Proper maintenance of bushes, flowers, and landscape features is as important as the initial design and installation. Here we have written several blogs to help answer your questions related to maintaining the beauty of your landscape.
Landscaping Ideas
Let your creative juices flow as you read through these blogs offering ideas and resources that will help you create unique landscape design.
Northwest Gardening
Oh the beautiful Northwest garden, with its many flowers and lush greenery, is in a category of its own. We hope you enjoy these blogs which discuss topics specifically related to gardening in the Pacific Northwest.
Our Landscape Company
Environmental Construction landscaping company has been constructing unique landscape designs in the Seattle area since 1990. These blogs talk about the landscaping business and information about our company that may interest you.
It’s exciting to watch a construction project take shape.  From the first dig to the final polish, these blogs will give you a sneak peek at what our work is really like.
Seattle Gardens
Seattle has so many beautiful gardens to share with us. As we visit gardens in the Seattle area, we will share our experience and give you a taste of what you can expect to find.
Seattle Landscaping Events
Seattle provides a variety of landscaping and gardening events. You will find some of them listed in this category.
Tips for Planting
Here are some tips for planting and caring for flowers, bushes, trees, etc. If you need a tip for planting that is not answered in our blogs, send us a question or suggestion and we will try to write about it. If you have a gardening tip to share, we'd like to hear those too.
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