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Bellevue covers a large area on Seattle's eastside and includes our favorite ecologically rich nature preserve and botanical garden, as well as some beautifully landscaped parks. If you are looking for a landscape design of native plantings or unique gardens, we suggest taking a walk through the Mercer Slough or Bellevue Botanical Garden -- it's sure to get your landscape ideas flowing.

The Bellevue area is bordered on the east by Lake Sammamish and on the west by Lake Washington. The diverse landscape offers scenic views from Somerset and East Cougar Mountain, Seattle city views for many of the West Bellevue residents, and beautiful sunrises for those living on the east side.

Homeowners in Bellevue cherish the natural beauty their community has to offer and the exquisite views. Landscaping contractor, Environmental Construction Inc., designs, builds, and maintains landscapes that allow Bellevue residents to more fully enjoy the unique features of the area. Projects in Bellevue often include special landscaping for steep slopes and rocky terrain. Listed below are some of the landscape design projects we have completed in Bellevue that provided more scenic views and space to enjoy the outdoors.

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